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Why Is It Important for Leaders to Have Rescuing Skills?


A leader, no doubt, needs rescuing skills. Rescuing skills are basically saving one from harmful words, bullies, or being pressured into something they may not want to do. Needing to rescue someone can happen anywhere, so you need to know how to rescue someone.

Rescuing someone can mean a lot to them; it can make them feel like they belong and someone, someone, actually cares about them. Saving someone means going out and standing up for them. You may have to stand up to your friends just to rescue someone. People often think they should join in and hurt that person, just because their friends are. You should not join in with anyone, no matter who they are.

Sometimes we see people getting hurt, but we do not say anything about it, defend them, or rescue them. We are too afraid to speak because we know someone will say something to us, but that is when defending skills come in. We also need to learn to defend ourselves. We can just walk away from them or ignore them. Do you often hear things and not say anything or do you rescue them?quote-someone-always-needs-rescuing-yet-there-s-only-one-person-who-ever-seems-to-understand-john-f-kennedy-126-95-94.jpg (850×400)

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My Mission Statement


 d e v e l o p m e n T (3)

My mission statement is about feeling like we have to hide ourselves in a shell. We only want to come out when it is safe. The second part of my mission statement means everyone thinks they have to live up to certain standards for someone else to be perfect. You do not have to meet someone else’s standards, only the standards you set for yourself.

A mission statement is just a principle, or rule, you want to live by. Your principles can change over time, as you change. What your principles are now may not be the same 4 years later, but that is okay. You can always set new standards for yourself.

Remember, you do not have to live up to someone else’s expectations. You are the only one who has the right to live up to your expectations. Do you find yourself trying to reach others expectations? Why or why not?




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What are the Benefits of Having a Good Attitude?


Having a good attitude can affect you and your success. If you keep a positive attitude, you can achieve more than you can with a bad attitude. Also, make sure you keep positive thoughts because positive thoughts equal a good attitude!

If you have a positive attitude, you can reframe things easier than you can with a negative attitude. One day I was having a wonderful day and something tried to bring me down, but I didn’t let it. I just simply ignored it and went on with my day. Because of my attitude I could keep a great day even though something negative happened.

The last benefit about having a positive attitude is that if you stay positive, no one will try to fix your attitude. It will make things a lot better if you do not have a bad attitude. If someone tries to fix your attitude, it won’t make things any better it will just make things worse. Unless you fix your attitude yourself, nothing will be better. Are some benefits you know about having a good attitude?

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Why is it Important to Have Control of your Thoughts?


It is important to have control of your thoughts because your thoughts really can affect how you act. If you keep positive thoughts, you will have positive actions, but if you have negative thoughts, you will have negative actions. By being positive you can change your day around instead of having a bad one because of you bad thoughts.

Reframing these thoughts is the only way to be positive and change those thoughts. Others might help you reframe thoughts, but you are the only one who can truly turn those thoughts around. Your thoughts can really affect your attitude, even enough to show it.

People who are emotionally healthy are just basically happy. If you are not emotionally healthy, you can change and be emotionally healthy. All you have to do is reframe whatever it is that is bothering you. Do not let something or someone try to bring you down, even if you have to think of yourself very highly. As long as you are thinking good of yourself, nothing can bring you down! Are you emotionally healthy?

               change-your-thoughts-300x238.jpg (300×238)

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What have I been learning in Texas History?


These past few weeks in Texas History, I have been learning about the battle of the Alamo, the battle of Gonzales, the battle of San Jacinto, and the Goliad Massacre. The Alamo was a battle between the Mexican army and Texas. They were fighting for Texas independence, but the Mexican army over powered Texas.

At the battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston lead an army and attacked Santa Anna. Santa Anna and his army were defeated, and he was held against his life unless he signed over Mexican´s rights to Texas. The battle of Gonzales started with Texas borrowing a cannon from Mexico to fight off Native Americans. The governor of Texas would not give the cannon back, so they came to take it back.

The Goliad Massacre was very tragic. The Texans surrendered to Santa Anna and were taken as prisoner. Santa Anna was furious that the Texans were not executed, but they were sent back to Goliad as prisoners. I guess it wasn´t enough for him. After they were shot and killed, their bodies were burned to ashes.

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An important lesson I learned


An important lesson I learned is to always be kind to people. You never know what they might be going through, and something as little as a “hello” or “good morning” could really make their day. Another thing you have to watch is what you say.

A few careless words could really ruin or damage a great relationship. Sometimes people have a hard time with forgiving, so it can be hard to be forgiven. Something as simple as being kind can be an important lesson for some people.

A lot of people aren’t very kind, so if they see you being kind, it can encourage them to be more kind. It can mean a lot to someone, just by being kind to them. Remember, it’s the little things that count. What’s your important lesson?

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How do we close the gap between our values and the way we live?


First of all a gap is something that spaces our values from the way we live. We can close these gaps. It might take some time, but we can and will close these gaps. No matter how long it takes, you can close your gaps.

We can close these gaps by practicing our values and finding ways that we can practice them. Ex: let’s say you value honesty and you see someone steal something from someone. Something you could do is tell an adult what happened, even if the person who stole something might not like you because you told the adult.

Another way you can close the gap is by catching ourselves going against our values. If you value being trustworthy and you start to tell someone someone else’s business, you might catch yourself and back down from telling them. There are different ways you can close your gap and those were two examples. How will you close you gap?

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What I want people to see when they look at me


When people look at me, I want them to smile and think positive thoughts about me. I want them to think I am always confident in myself, no matter what I’m up against. I want people to see someone who will understand anything they tell me, and that they can tell me anything and it will be safe with me.

I hope people see me as a very honest person and I will be 100% honest with them. I want people to think I am always a nice, positive person and every time they come around me I will only speak positive words to them. Another thing I want people to think of me when they see me is a person who will always reframe , or see the bright side of everything.

I want people to think that I am persistent and I don’t give up on things easily. Another thing I want people to think when they see me is that I will always smile at them or I will be smiling when they look at me, so they will kind of know that I am always positive. Overall I want people to think that I am just a very good person, and they can come to me for anything.

smilingquotes.jpg (280×213)



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My Personal Brand


A personal brand is basically you and what makes you different or unique. I am a really good listener and most of my friends come to me whenever they need to talk about a problem, or just talk about somethings. Also, I am very trustworthy, so whatever we talk about I won’t share with others. Honesty is my best policy, I will be 100% honest with you, but not too honest. Some things I value are my friends and family, I couldn’t make it through life without them even though they can get on my nerves sometimes, I love them. Things that can give me positive energy are of course my friends and family, but also reading. Reading can give me positive energy because if I have a bad day, it helps me forget everything that happened.


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My wonderful Christmas break


Over Christmas break, my family got a new puppy. It is a boy and we named him Saint. My sister got the idea of the name Saint because her friend suggested it and we had no other ideas, so we went with Saint. Saint is an Australian shepherd, blue healer mix. We got him from someone in Oklahoma that my older sister Loretta knows. We do not know how old he is, but he is probably around a month old, so he´s teething and is chewing on mostly anything and everything we own. Saint is mostly a navy blue that looks black, with white on his chest, and brown on his paws and ears. We are trying to potty train him so that he goes outside, but he is just a puppy, so it´s a little hard. He bonds very well with our other dog, so that makes my mom happy. It isn´t surprising they get along because our other dog is a female. We are enjoying him and his company and I´m really glad me and my sister asked for a puppy this year!

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